A Girl Named Chuck


     ✿ —- "Can I get you something for your pie hole?"




"Wow, uh, no. I haven’t actually, is he —————— wait.



"That’s actually funny. In a morbid way —- a good morbid way in which it’s not so morbid because it’s more funny than it is morbid."

"….No one actually got cut in half though, right? Because then I think it’d be more morbid than it is funny."

       Dying had made her morbid— she just didn’t expect anyone to notice so easily.
                 "Oh no! Of course not. Ha— it was just supposed to be a dumb pun."

     ✿ —- Bee ready for bee season!”

           “—- Did you hear about the guy who got cut in half? He’s all right now. 




          I really hope that’s the case. Maybe I’m worrying too much .
                                                                            —am I worrying too much?

       "No. You’re not worrying too much. 
                      If you want we can go look for Olive and see if she’s got him?”


                                       ——— Askthepiemaker ———

My name is Ned, I live a simple life. I wake pies and make the dead-- that was creepy... I mean, I make pies and wake the dead.
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  • Canon to the show, but with a few twists after the cancellation.
  • Have been RPing on this blog for about a year
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  • Willing to give advice, recipes, awkward affection, and bees

 If you are interested in RPing, feel free to follow me, tag me in a starter, or drop me a message! This blog is also an Askblog, so please send as many messages as you’d like, anon or not. Ned will answer them, unless the question is for the mun. Have a wonderful day, and don’t hesitate to follow!

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        —- "Stop being so grumpy, grumpy gills."

        “Can you not do that?”image



"No reason." Nel wiped at her cheeks, even though there weren’t very many tears there. Her quivering bottom lip moved with the top into a smile. It was a little lie, not heavy enough to cause an issue. "It’s just a good movie."image

       Chuck didn’t like seeing Nel this way… or any way that wasn’t happy. He wished he could do something about it, something that was more than talk. “So you’re not just watching it because you’re sad, or because you want to make yourself sad?” He hoped it was just because it was a good movie but something told him otherwise.image


"C’mon— don’t just leave her on that branch."image

        "Why are you watching movies that you know will make you sad?"image

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